Saturday, December 9, 2017

Soon By You Episode 5: The Wedding | Soon By You

   This is the fifth episode of the web series SOON BY YOU. As you usual its a mix of kitsch and serious. I think that they hawk their sponsors a bit too obviously. They should do what the old time TV  shows like THE GOLDBERGS used to do. They would do a commercial in character at the beginning of the show and then you could watch the show in peace.
    This episode was good when Ben is shown trying to get Sarah J's attention and when he spoke to the dating coach. Its nice to see the male side of the coin. Sarah J  herself was having a very real moment at her friend's wedding. She was happy for her but reminded of what she is missing. It was something many singles go through.
    Another nice part of the episode was seeing Sarah F's family, especially her Aunt Sylvia. Aunt Sylvia had some of the best lines. This show is about singles, but one always is part of a family even when one is single.
   There were many heartfelt moments in this episode but I wish the kitschy jokes were kept to a minimum . Never the less I am still looking forward to the next episode.....