Thursday, December 29, 2016

PS22 Chorus "MI YIMALEL" Chanukah Traditional

Monday, December 26, 2016

Nefesh Mountain | The Hanukkah Dance by Woody Guthrie

   Woody Guthrie's wife was Jewish and he wrote a lot of songs with his mother in law for the Jewish community center in Coney Island where he lived with his family. I find it quite interesting that the man who wrote some of the  most American of folk songs like This Land Is Your Land  also ended up writing Jewish songs. I think this is a nice send up of this song.

Hanukkah Dance - Woody Guthrie

   Woody Guthrie sings Hanukkah songs

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Jerusalem of gold- Naomi Shemer


     The sad part of being single is that when you try to be polite sometimes it backfires. If you just make polite conversation with someone of the opposite gender they assume you want to marry them. Most people do not think talk =marriage proposal but when they do it can become harrowing. The party who thinks they have been jilted start cursing at the unsuspecting friendly person when they do not want to take things to the next level = a date. They yell at them that the only reason the friendly person is single is because they are not interested in this nut job=them.
      I find it best to not even make eye contact whenever I feel someone crazy might be interested in me. If I am nice to them they get encouraged. If I try to ignore them they get incensed. The best is to do everything in one's power to avoid them noticing me. I hate that it has to be this way, but it is.
      The thing is that I too have said hello to members of the opposite gender who quickly walked away from me. I assumed their obvious disinterest and never gave it a second thought. Perhaps this is because I know that even though some men do not like me there are others that I like and like me back. I think that those who start harassing me are those that no one ever likes and now they are taking it out on everyone who rejects them.
      I wish I had the all of the answers, but I hope that I find my bashert soon . I feel like Dorothy trying to find the emerald city as I go down this path of singleness. She would chant lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Well amen sister.

The Chanucorn's Holiday Special

This is so silly, but I can't stop laughing!!

Know What Not to Say

     I never like it when I go to a funeral and if the person who passed on was single or never had children that  these adjectives are used. Why is it necessary ? Even when someone passes away, even at their funeral it has to be mentioned? Do they ever say in a eulogy that the dearly departed wasn't a millionaire or that they were allergic to spinach?
     My point is that at the very least at someones funeral it need not be mentioned that the person was single never married and never had children. Believe me the friends and family who are mourning this person are not missing them for things the person was not, they are mourning them for things that they were. They are missing the wonderful person that passed on for all of the beautiful things that they were in this world . Maybe they wish they could have had other achievements in this world, but need one really point them out at a funeral?

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Baruch Dayan Emet

      Yesterday I went to the funeral of my  ex- friend. In a way I felt like a phony. I was sad that she had passed away , but I felt guilty for not visiting her in hospice more. I felt like I hadn't been close friends with her in several years so did I really have a right to be with others who really were close with her and visited her a lot more than I had ? If I did not run to see her  when she was still alive what right did I have to run to her funeral when she was no longer there to appreciate it ?
       In the end I am glad that I did attend the funeral. As many things in life this was one of those things one does not get a second chance for. It also gave me peace of mind for some of the thoughts that had been going through my head. Even if I was not as friendly with her recently as I had been years ago does not mean that I wished her this fate. I was allowed to be sad.
       A big theme for those who eulogized  was that they felt bad for not always "getting" who my friend was and that not everyone appreciated her. Apparently what I felt about her others who knew and loved her had experienced but loved her anyway.  Even for them it was not easy and it was so much on their minds that they mentioned this at her funeral. I guess that is the secret of life. You have to love people for who they are even when you know who they are.
       Its very interesting. My friend really was not herself for the past 6 months, but it still did not seem like she was gone. Now it feels final and really sad. I know that she is not in any pain anymore, but death is just so final. Baruch Dayan Emet. 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Death and ex-Friends

    I suppose the title of this post is a bit obvious . When a friend passes away they become an ex-friend ... Well what I really mean is when someone one may have been friends with years ago passes away one realizes how large a part of one's life this person really was.
     An ex-friend of mine passed away today. I would call her an ex-friend because we had been good friends years ago and then we weren't. It had been about at least five years since we had been friends and we rarely ran into each other. Then about eight months ago she fell gravely ill. In that time I began to remember why we had been friends in the first place and I began to realize how much an impact she had on my life .
     Its an odd situation to be in when an ex-friend becomes ill. One feels horrible that this has happened to them but it does not necessarily make forget the past or make one suddenly want to be best friends with them again. It forces one to try to be a better friend to one's old friend that one would have had they not been ill.
     Death is still sad whether one was great friends with the person now or five years ago. Illness , however sad does have a purpose. It gives one time to get used to the impending passing of a friend . It doesn't make it better really but it does help a person prepare . When  a person passes suddenly one does not get to contemplate a world without  a person before one really has to.
      Now that my friend has passed I know that she is no longer is in pain. I hope that she is at peace. I hope she knows that she made an impact on this world though her stay hear was not long. 

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Chanukah Song Part 4

   It looks like this is from last year, but I didn't see it then. Who would have thought in 1994 that there would be 4 versions of this song? Not me. Its still cute .