Friday, February 24, 2012

Orthodox Dress Gets Sexy

there is something a bit disturbing about this video but i'm not quite sure what. it don't think that dressing modestly means that one must dress frumpy, but this is a bit over the top.i don't think that these women are doing anything different than frum women in any part of brooklyn, its just that they are being coerced to actually say what they are thinking. all i can say is that these "hot chanies" dress a whole lot sexier than i ever will in my lifetime. there must be a somewhere all of these girls go to learn how to expertly put on all the makeup and clothing they wear. maybe i should go to the shop featured in this video!


Princess Lea said...

"Sexy" makes me squirm. It shouldn't be about that. "Sexy" means, no matter what the intention, about men checking you out.

I would use another phrase. When I dress up, I feel good. Sure, men may notice, but for me that is a side point. I feel good, I feel put together.

Makeup: YouTube tutorials are great. I picked up great points from there.

Clothing: It takes a lot of effort, a lot of sifting, a lot of research. One's own style doesn't just happen. I love clothing shopping, so I can search and search and not mind if I don't find anything. But not everyone is willing to do that.

One of the basic things about dressing well is knowing what your body type is and dressing to accommodate that. Then one is mostly there.

Anonymous said...

This video keeps making its rounds. Its highly disturbing. "Blurring the lines".

frum single female said...

yes, i agree with you. that is what disturbs me about this video . that they seem more about being sexy than just looking good.
i know that though i try to dress nicely i'm just not as in to clothing and fashion as the type of women in this video and many of the women who live in brooklyn. perhaps its part of living in new york that these women are so in to fashion.