Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Fragility of Life.

 I haven't posted in awhile.  I wasn't sure that I had wanted to share what has been going on with me . Although I have a blog I am a private person. Alas I opted to share.
  A week and a half ago I fell and broke my shoulder. Some  random people helped me off of the street restoring my faith in mankind.
   Having an injury forces a person to slow down and think about life. Aside from resolving to be a better money saver it made me aware of the fact that aside from  my actual paycheck and insurance I don't miss work AT ALL.  I don't even miss my work friends which actually surprised me . Before the accident I longed to work part time but felt it would be hard financially. Now that this has occurred I know that when I return to work it will be part time for awhile before I am able to resume full time. I don't think that wanting to have a break or work part time is why I fell but I do assume it was meant to be that I have a break from work right now and having a shoulder injury was the way it was made to happen.
     Being out of work also helped me realize though its easy to spend too much , its also painless to be thrifty ,
     Though I enjoy living alone, I see how having a roommate could be helpful in this situation.        
    With Hashem's help I will be back to my old self sooner than later. Meanwhile I am catching up on my netflix queue.

Monday, January 16, 2017


One thing I have learned from working is not to talk about politics unless its in a neutral way. This gets tricky because sometimes its hard to figure out what actually is neutral. Most of the time I get it right because I usually don't say something political unless I know it is neutral.
     As it turns out it is more entertaining to be neutral about politics than to have a strong opinion one flaunts all of the time. The only way you really get to hear the other person's views unfiltered is if you actually listen to the other person's views without waiting to share your own divergent ones.
     It really has been quite simple not to share my political views during this election cycle because I did not particularly like either candidate and every evil quip that I heard about either candidate was something I could relate to. I did  not even know who I would vote for until I was in the voting booth with my pen filling out the oval.
      At work its simple not to speak politics because often there is so much diversity that most people know politics is a taboo subject along with religion. I think that people should adopt this attitude in social situations as well. Politics is a tricky subject. Often people think its their way or the highway . Its best to leave one's politics at home when one knows one will be in a social situation. Mostly people have their minds made up. You really aren't going to to change any one's mind.
    I think that its good to have Jewish people on all sides of the political spectrum. Political tides change all of the time and you never know who you might need to help you.
    I haven't heard so much about this topic, except for those on the left who just disparage him, but Jared Kushner having such a close relationship with the future president can be good for the Jews or bad for the Jews . Hopefully it will be good for the Jews .Only time will tell. It is on his shoulders . There never has been an observant Jewish first son in law. I hope that Jared knows how important his actions are and that everyone is watching him twice as much because he is Jewish .
       Ultimately I am hopeful . I really do not have much choice. I was hopeful when other presidents were elected whether I voted for them or not. I do not think that its Armageddon time as those on the left believe , but I don't think that everything is roses and candy either like many on the right believe. Only time will tell.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Multiculturalism at its Best

     I work in an office with a very diverse cultural environment. It is so diverse that all but two of the "white" people are Jewish.
    After many years of working in a culturally diverse environment one learns to be very careful of what one says about racial differences. Or more accurately one NEVER speaks of anything that could be misconstrued as being racist in any way shape or form. One learns that EVERYONE is bigoted about some group and that darker skinned people analyze their skin tone more than any  white person ever could imagine.
     One also learns that most of the affirmative action multicultural casts get it wrong. When working in an office with as many cultures as the United Nations its more of a matter of fact  than an issue . Of course the office I work in is multi-cultural as happenstance , not because they set out to make it so.
     My thoughts on working in a multi-cultural environment? Its quite nice . One gets to learn a lot about other cultures. Those I work with have learned more about Orthodox Judaism than they ever thought they would.
      The thing is America is very multicultural though sometimes it appears to be just white or black. Its really quite a shame. There really are many cultures in the United States though the media seems to focus on their agendas.

Monday, January 9, 2017


     When one finally sees the light at the end of the tunnel its amazing. It almost seems unreal. There is a shroud of uncertainty thinking of what life afterward  will be like without this thorn,  but I know that it will definitely be better. There is no way it can't be. People say that change can happen in the blink of an eye and then nothing is ever the same again. In this case this change has taken many years to arrive. Relief is finally on the way. I feel better already.


Wednesday, January 4, 2017


     Change is so hard at times. I often want to implement change but don't. Sometimes I feel so in control that I cannot imagine change coming from outside of myself. Sometimes things have seemed the same for so long that it seems that change is impossible . Then boom . Change is delivered to my  doorstep. The change is probably just the push I needed, but a pain in the neck just the same .