Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Self Help?

      I am pretty confident in the way I look. I may want to lose a little more weight , but in general I do not think that my looks are why I am single. Meanwhile I went to visit friends who were obsessed with a beauty makeover self help book. In their defense they believed that everyone must be self conscious about their looks. Again, not my issue. I don't think that I am a beauty queen, I just feel confident.
      Once I finished chatting with my friends about their beauty self help aspirations I felt a lot worse about myself. Thanks but no thanks.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

2 Ingredient Quinoa Pizza Crust

    I recently bought quinoa for another recipe that I have . The recipe was OK, but I had a lot of quinoa still hanging around. I found this recipe for quinoa bread / pizza crust on you tube. I tried it last night and made it into pizza and it was really good. I have made my own pizza crust with regular flour which isn't bad but this is even easier to make and tastes equally good. I am not sure that its really healthier than crust made of wheat flour but its easier to get the right crust texture with the quinoa crust so I would say that makes it superior to regular flour crust.
  FYI, I did not add maple syrup or any sweetener to this crust. I did not rinse the quinoa either.  I am not vegan so I used cheese as a topping. See what you think .