Wednesday, February 8, 2012

16 handles on avenue j

for months now i have been anticipating the opening of 16 handles, a frozen yogurt place that is now on avenue j - the heart of jewish midwood. there has not been a kosher non-cholov yisroel ice cream store in the area since carvel has closed , except for baskin robbins, which is now part of dunkin donuts.
when i walked into 16 handles last night i felt as though i was in manhattan or at least park slope.
blueberry on avenue m does have good frozen yogurt . most flavors are not cholov yisroel.16 handles has more variety . blueberry has some real food on the menu while 16 handles is strictly frozen yogurt. 16 handles does have some pareve selections, but i have not yet tasted them.
it is quite a shame that though there are some strictly cholov yisroel ice cream places in the area but their ice cream does not taste as good as the non-cholov yisroel ice cream
anyway, check out 16 handles on avenue j and see what you think.


Jewish Gal said...

I was just there last Friday. Their frozen yogurt is delicious!

Woodrow/Conservadox said...

For some reason I thought you lived in Manhattan (which of course has had 16 Handles for awhile). At any rate, Mazel Tov and enjoy!

frum single female said...

actually i have been to 16 handles in the city and that is why i am so pleased that they opened a chain in midwood.

Anonymous said...

There's a "Mehadrin min hamehadrin" hechsher letter posted at the door. It specifies Pat Yisrael, but makes no mention of Chalav Yisrael.

So I assume this location uses the same froyo mix as all the other 16 Handles locations. -- But the are several parve flavors, so marked, on the far end.