Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Time Keeping

     I own several watches. Because I work full time and am on a tight schedule most of the time my left wrist sports a watch. I wear a watch not because I want to  but because I have to. These days its not quite as bad to forget to put my watch on since I own a cell phone which  has a clock .I should really stop wearing a watch on days I am not at work and just really on my cell phone clock.
     Whenever I wear a watch I feel obsessed with keeping track of time. On days I do not wear a watch I feel much more relaxed. I don't squander time but I am less fixated on the passage of time. Its important to be aware of time but not so much that one is not able to enjoy the moment. I often feel that sporting a watch makes it harder for me to enjoy the moment.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Its that time again....

It seems far too early to be posting Rosh Hashannah videos, but here it is. This is a cute one. 

Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Uninvited

     Simchas can be joyous. The also can be great windows into seeing who your true friends are as well as how gracious one is .
    Recently I was not invited to a co-worker's wedding. Everyone else at the office  was invited. We worked together for years and were friendly. Even if I had been invited I would not have been able to attend. The wedding was on Shabbos. The best part of not being invited is that I feel zero obligation to buy her a wedding gift. Had I been invited I would have . If she had invited me it would just have been an invitation for a gift since I would not have been able to attend. Even though I know all of this I still feel a pin prick bad about it.
     Once I had  a friend who made a simcha and later told me that she was sorry but she had forgotten to invite me. I  did not forget to not get a gift for it. This of course was months after the simcha. I actually had known about it prior to her telling me because someone had mentioned to me that she had attended it. I think that that person had thought I had been invited but just did not attend. I of course said nothing. If someone does not invite me it says something about the friendship but there is really no need to discuss it . I may think that I should have been invited but apparently they hadn't . End of story. I certainly do not want to force anyone to desire my presence at their simcha.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Blog, Blog, Blog

      I have heard people say that Facebook has blown out a lot of the steam from blogs. Perhaps. But I still like blogs better. Or actually, I think that each has its own purpose. Though I post some of the same things on Facebook as I do on my blog, I don't write anything meaningful on Facebook. I save that for my blog. Most people are just looking to keep up with friends on a topical level on Facebook. If I want to connect to the world at large I post on my blog.  One can connect to more than just ones own social circles on the blogosphere.

Monday, August 19, 2013


One of the hardest things to internalize is that everything is not always what it appears to be. I always try to think of this in terms of pictures. These pictures were taken in Times Square. It looks like the american flag is in the window of Starbucks. It is really is a reflection from across the street. One would never know this by just looking at these photos. Of course one clue would be the fact that the stars are on the wrong side of the flag . I guess that's how life often is. Things may really appear to be one way but there is often one little clue that gives you a hint that what you see isn't really straightforward

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Past

      Sometimes its hard to believe that life happened before I was born. I have parents, grandparents and friends who can verify that history is real, but still, its hard to fathom. Its also hard to grapple that those much younger than me do not remember much of what I remember growing up. It makes sense though. They were not born yet. What makes this all the more interesting is that if I have trouble believing the validity of the recent  past and I actually know people who lived in it, what about people of the future? How will they believe that what happened in our times really occurred?

Thursday, August 15, 2013


     Every so often I go for a  medical test and invariably the same technician administers the test. I don't especially like her , but over the years I have gotten used to her. No matter what time of the day I schedule the test, she is the administrator. Last year I lucked out and there was a different technician. I attributed my luck to having switched office locations to have the test done. This year I pushed my luck. I went to the alternate location hoping my usual technician would not be there. Alas, I was not surprised when you know who came to get me in the waiting room. I could change the medical group that I have this test done, but just my luck this woman would end up working there the day I would book my appointment.
     I usually do not pay attention to medical technicians. The only reason I had remembered this one's name is because I so disliked her at so much during our first encounter that I wanted to remember who not to ask for to work  with me the next time. When the next time arrived I figured that enough time had passed and usually I never get the same technician for testing so I didn't specifically request not to work with her.. Boy was I wrong. The second time I worked with her fortunately  was a lot more favorable . The rest is history.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Silver Lining

   The good part of being really stressed out is that the usual little annoyances in life don't annoy me. Unfortunately when things are more relaxed I tend to focus on those same annoyances I ignore when life is crazed. I need to try harder to block out those annoyances when life is more chill . 

Sunday, August 11, 2013


     Birthdays are always a time when people re-examine their lives. Am I closer to my goals than I was last year? No, today is not my birthday. It is the birthday of a good friend of mine, thus the introspection.
      It is so easy to look back at the year and feel an aura of dissatisfaction. One is still single, may never have children, may never be independently wealthy. The list goes on. If ruminating about what one lacks propels a person to improve one's lot then ruminating can be positive. If it just sinks one further into a pit of self pity then ruminating is counter-productive. Perhaps it would be better to  try and identify what is good in one's life and try and appreciate.   If one is healthy, bask in this. Does one have solid friendships, and/or family who one mutually loves, cares and respects? These are all vital ingredients to existence on planet earth. Cherish them.
       Do you make time for the things that are important to you? If so appreciate this. If not try to make time for them.
       No matter how wealthy a person is one always wants more. Appreciate what one does have. I used to live in basement apartment. I had a friend who visited me and  disparaged me for living there. At the time it was all I could afford and I was satisfied living there because the rent was reasonable and I was able to do everything I wanted to because I had such low rent. Until she  brought it up I felt just fine about it. Don't let others drag you down.
       The quickest way to wealth is to appreciate what one has. Life is a process. Being satisfied with one's lot is not a cop-out. One can strive for one's goals while being satisfied with what bounty one has. It is always best for striving to start at point of strength rather than weakness.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


     I don't know if its age or just my aggravation level, but New York seems a lot louder lately. It makes me feel like I'm ready to move to a quieter environment. I love the energy of NYC, but I am finding it a bit overwhelming . The other day a summer camp was aboard a subway car I was in. The noise level was so loud that  I began to understand why road rage exists. I of course changed cars at the next stop to gain some serenity.
     Every coffee shop I enter is blasting with  music. I can't read and drink in peace.
      I'm going away for Rosh Hashannah, unfortunately its not soon enough.

Monday, August 5, 2013

When Comedy Went to School

I saw this movie last night at the JCC in Manhattan. It was a lovely homage to  the birth of stand up comedy and the Catskills. Afterward there was a Q& A afterward

with the filmmakers and Jerry Stiller.
      The film explained to the average person who is not familiar with the Catskills and the borscht belt that the the beginnings of stand up comedy started there. A lot of frum Jews still go to the Catskills every summer, but the true heyday were the 1930's to the 1960's .
       Robert Klein is the main narrator . Jerry Lewis, Larry King, Sid Caesar, Jerry Stiller, Mort Sahl , Jackie Mason, Buddy Hackett's son,  and a few other comedians whose names I am not familiar with were interviewed. Buddy Hackett, Lenny Bruce, Mel Brooks, Alan King , Don Rickles , Carl Reiner, Totie Fields  and Eddie Canter were also featured.
      The 1930's - 1960's was a time when Jewish people went to the Catskills with their single children and tried to find them a Jewish spouse there. Jerry Stiller said that he and his wife were actually not so welcome to perform there at that time because they were an intermarried couple.
      Though the stomping ground of comedians today is not the Catskills, there still are a lot of Jewish comedians. Comedy is about words and putting words together and timing. Jewish people have a knack for just that. Also  as the film suggests , with one of our forefathers named Yitzchak  whose name means he will laugh, why wouldn't Jews be good at comedy?