Saturday, June 17, 2017

Wonder Woman

      I finally saw the new Wonder Woman movie starring Gal Gadot. I really enjoyed it . Its a movie in the tradition of the Christopher Reeve Superman movies. Gal Gadot gave the movie heart. She is Wonder Woman. I think its wonderful that a proudly Jewish Israeli woman was cast as Wonder Woman. But of course. Israeli women have army service so they are proficient in martial arts.
      The visuals of the movie are dazzling. The way Wonder Woman twirls as she fights the bad guys is cool.
       The countries that have banned the movie because Gal Gadot is an Israeli Jew well its their loss. Oh and it is pure anti-Semitism. To all the feminist who think the movie isn't feminist enough GET A LIFE !!!
        The movie is three hours . I think it could have been shorter, but for the price of movies these days I feel like a three hour movie makes it more worthwhile.
         I think that it is significant that an Israel Jewish woman plays this role of a superhero who wants to defeat the enemy so people can live their lives. I think that is what Israel wants. To live live their lives in peace. Wonder Woman kicks some #$## without becoming a hardened superhero. She inhabits this role and gives the movie its magic.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Take a Break: Kosher Butcher

  This is from a few years ago but I hadn't seen it until today. Its really funny!!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Thanksgiving In June

     After five months my shoulder has healed.  Baruch Hashem. I am so grateful on so many levels. As usual after going through a life challenge one learns a lot about a subject one never knew about before and had never wanted to know about before.
     I am grateful for the  emergency room I went to . They are amazing people. They do their jobs and make people who are scared and in much pain feel human and hopeful. I am grateful for my orthopedist for his expertise and for his upbeat personality. I am grateful for my physical therapist who helped me regain the use of my left arm. It was nothing short of miraculous to go from weeks of immobilization to full use of my arm. When one goes through physical therapy it can seem like one is climbing an endless mountain. Fortunately I have reached the top of the mountain. 
     I hope you never break a limb . It is painful in a way you cannot imagine unless you have experienced it. The flip side is now that I have broken a shoulder I realize how truly miraculous healing is.
     Wishing everyone continued good health .

Monday, May 29, 2017

Soon By You Premiere

   I was at the Soon By You premiere at the JCC Manhattan this past Wednesday. It seemed like a lot of the audience was in the episode or friends with the creators. It quite an event. They had an ok comedian before the screening and a very cool Q&A with all of the cast except Z. There was an after party on the roof which included chicken and rice , cupcakes, wine and pumpkin pie that tasted homemade. I also got a chance to chat with some of the cast members and creators who were lovely.
    During the Q&A it was mentioned that they were thinking of making it a 5 episode first season. I really am looking forward to the next episode as well as future seasons.

Brooklyn Half Marathon

    The Brooklyn half marathon was last Shabbos. I don't always know before hand when it will be but when I walk on Ocean Parkway I find out. The runners hit Ocean Parkway at about 9:00 a.m when a lot of people are on their way to shul. Seeing the runners people watch for a few minutes as they go on their way. The cutest thing was when Jewish runners would see us frum people lining Ocean Parkway watching the race. At least 4 different runners wished us good Shabbos. They may have been running in a race, but they remembered it was Shabbos when they saw other Jews. It was really heartwarming to wish them good Shabbos back.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Soon By You Episode 4: The Dates | Soon By You

  I am now posting the fourth episode of Soon By You. I think that this is the best episode yet. David and Sarah F. finally go on a date. The date is at Little Shop of Crafts which I have actually been to. I loved how the date went and how it ended. It may be cliched, but its definitely something to think about.So often things go well until that one thing comes up that we think is a deal breaker. That something that  maybe years from now we realize should not have been a thing at all.
       Another favorite part of this episode is Sarah J's skype date. There are always the girls who will try just anything to find a man. even have a skype date with an Israeli when their Hebrew isn't up to par.
      The event that Noa runs at MJE is hilarious. These characters are never more real I know so many single women like Noa. She probably will be single at 40, but when she does find the one he will be exactly what she was waiting for.  The older single man is also very funny. He is like an Elyahu giving sage advice to the younger ones.
       Now that I have given away the whole story go watch episode 4.