Monday, March 1, 2021

The Vaccine

In many generations there have been global health crises and there has in the past been widespread vaccines for them. Sometimes the vaccines and treatments remained safe throughout time, sometimes they have not. In life there are no guarantees, one just has to make an eduacated decision for one's self. With Covid-19 there are already at least 3 vaccines available and many other therapeutic treatments. So much propaganda has been released that one does not really know which is the right thing to do. In reality Covid-19 is a nursing home disease and does not really severely impact younger people . Eventually the Covid-19 will be like the flu shot even though currently it it has been hyped up to bubanic plaque status. There have been a lot of conspirisies about the vaccine which I find extremely facinating. The government does not seem organized enough to carry out the intricate nefarious schemes they are churning. I do think that someone would like to carry these schemes out I just think those in charge are buffoons so we are all safe.

Thursday, February 25, 2021


Purim is one of my most favorite holidays. Even with the isolation of the pandemic I am still feeling the impending joyousness of the upcoming holiday. The beginning of this horribel plandemic started right before Purim last year which was before the mask edict was invoked. We have been wearing masks since right before Pesach. I for one do not plan on wearing a mask any longer than necessary. Masks have made NYC into a colder society than it was to begin with. No smiles indoors. Its harder to hear what people are saying and more importantly its harder for others to hear me. Sometimes it feels easier not to speak to people because its hard to hear them and its hard for them to hear me if both of us are wearing masks. I think that masks create division. Masks on Purim can be fun , but many Purim masks do not cover one's mouth. Eyes are the mirror of the soul but its a lot easier to hear what people are saying if one can see someone's mouth while they are speaking. I am hoping soon the masks will be removed and peace and harmony will return.... One can only hope... Happy Purim!!

Monday, February 1, 2021

The Starfish

I had the delight of watching this documentary yesterday. I saw it mentioned in A.M. NY . The picture of the siblings drew me in. Somehow it seemed it was a recent photo of Jewish siblings and not a photo of children from seventy years ago. I went to amazon and watched the film. Its a heart warming story about a family who were saved from certain death during World War II. What a story it was. It reminds the wokesters that most Jewish families came to the United States because they were fleeing persecution and not because they just wanted to switch countries.

Thursday, January 21, 2021

Second Time Around

       I had not watched the presidential inauguration on television since I was in high school until 4 years ago when I broke my shoulder on January 19 and the presidential inauguration was the next day. I had forgotten how exciting and boring inaugurations are. This year I was unexpectedly able to watch the inauguration as I have been furloughed from work. 

         Inauguration day is so full of hope for the president and its often all down hill after that as presidents are human. I hope that it is different this time but I am afraid that it will not be. 

        One fun fact I heard today is that George W Bush, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump were all born the same year. I have also heard that deaths come in threes. 

the freedom tower
The freedom tower

          As many fear the dissolution of America due to irreconcilable differences I pause to remember how when Ronald Reagan was running for president everyone thought he was  old to run for president at 69 and how in 2016 the candidates were both 70 and age was never the issue and how this year with a 74 year old candidate and a 78 year old candidate age was not given much thought.  Seems that ageism in politics  has faded, coincidentally more than intentionally. 

           Is the rising age of our presidents a sign that things aren't working? They say that wisdom comes with age, but does it seem our elder politicians are wiser or does it  seem that they are more senile or stubborn or cranky? Is it that younger people see the folly in Washington and are opting out of politics?                                                                                                                                                                       

          When I was younger and watched presidential inaugurations it did not seem that chaos followed.  Then again, I wasn't paying attention to the news then. 

           I pray that things get better regardless of whether or not I watched the inauguration. I pray that those who have been trying to divide the United States for the past 12 years stop.


Monday, December 14, 2020

Happy Hanukkah!!

 Happy Hanukkah!

 I haven't had much inspiration lately. Hasn't been a good year for blogging. I feel so paralyzed in time. Keep looking forward to going back to normal and breathe normally. 

Sunday, August 16, 2020

The Death of NYC

      I never would have predicted a pandemic would be the catalyst but it has been . It has killed everything that is good about NYC and due to the stellar mayor and governor the city may not be coming back any time soon.

     As soon as the city started to open up again there was rioting and looting cloaked  as peaceful that ruined what was left of a city that was daring to go back to its former glory.

      The trains are empty , the streets are empty. Lots of people are moving away. Its summer but it seems like winter since few of the exciting outdoor venues are open. Zoos and botanical gardens opened 2 weeks ago. No street fairs. Homeless are shooting up and urinating and worse on the streets of the upper west side. The mayor calls these people "fathers" and those who oppose them racist.

      Broadway is closed and if you travel by plane to anywhere I want to go when you come back you hare supposed to quarantine for 2 weeks. 

       Even when things reopen things will be precarious. Crime has gone up and the mayor is more concerned about the safety of his precious slogan he painted on the street than about the safety of the people who fill the streets of the city who unfortunately elected him  . 



Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Back To Nature

     One thing that I have missed so much for the past few months is nature. Living in NYC there is not much nature. My single oasis for the past few years has been visiting my local botanical garden. For the past four and a half months the local botanical garden was closed. It was so depressing. I finally was able to visit the botanical gardens a few days ago. It was so good for my soul . When nothing cultural is open in NYC , there really is no reason to stay.