Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Celebrate Passover With 'Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' Themed Maxwell House Sed...

   This year there is a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel themed Maxwell House haggadah that you can get on amazon when you order select maxwell house coffee for a limited time. Being a fan of Maisel I ordered some coffee to get my copy. I think that this is ingenious and outright marvelous. Who would think that such a kitschy  show would encourage people mostly Jews who are not necessarily orthodox to get a traditional haggadah? This is something aish hatorah and chabad have not even cooked up. This is more like a Jew in the City ploy, but amazon beat her to the punch. I think this is proof that mashiach is coming soon and surely our singing of next year in Jerusalem will prove to be true.
P.S.  This edition of the Haggadah is missing so parts of the Haggadah but it’s still pretty cool 

Monday, February 11, 2019

Manischewitz Almonetta Wine with Sammy Davis

  Apparently he did a wine commercial for Manischewitz wine as well

Sammy Davis, Jr: I’ve Gotta Be Me Preview | American Masters | PBS

  I had the privilege of watching a screening of this documentary at the JCC Manhattan last week, The  producer Sam Pollard there for q &a at the end.
      I remember being fascinated by Sammy Davis Jr. as a kid. He was the first black Jew that I had ever heard of. I knew that he converted to Judaism as a result of a horrible accident and he was a funny performer on tv. I also remember fondly the mogen david wine commercial that he was in .
That's about it. When I got older I learned that he was part of the rat pact mostly because of the newly dubbed brat pack that was part of the 80's movies .
      I watched this documentary to learn more about this cultural icon. I learned that he grew up poor and was a performer since he was 3 years old.  He was a great mimic and he was  one of the first modern black performers. I also found out why he wanted to be Jewish.
      I think that one of the most profound parts of the movie is how he felt he was post - racial  and though he had a lot of tough times he persisted with the help of good friends. He was very close with Frank Sinatra, Jerry Lewis, Dean Martin and Joey Bishop who were all there for him in good times and in bad.
     Once Davis was asked to perform on Yom Kippur by a Jewish director to which Davis refused stating it was Yom Kippur and he could not perform then. This of course shook up the Jewish producer. Often those who adopt a religion uphold it more steadfastly than those who were born in to it. I know that his conversion was probably not orthodox, but the lesson is just as strong.
     This documentary will be on American Masters on February 19 on PBS. It is uplifting and informative. Definitely two thumbs up. 

Saturday, January 5, 2019


   Often when bad things happen people are quick to assign reasons . Sometimes they are correct but not always. Everything bad that happens to a person is not always a punishment. I think that sometimes its just a test. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger .
    I do not know why my brother died suddenly at a young age. I personally do not think that his short life span was a punishment for him. I think that he was just not meant to live a long life. I think that having a brother pass away suddenly at a young age is  a test for me. It is not an easy thing to have to go through. My brother was a wonderful person and I am sad that he is no longer in this world but I am VERY glad that he was my brother. The world is a brighter place because he was in it.
    I think that people want everything to have a pat answer and reason, but life really isn't like that. Life is full of uncertainty and times of being off  balance. When we give in to the certainty of the uncertainty then we can live.We don't have to always know the reasons but  its okay to ask the questions. 

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Death and Life

     I haven't written in quite awhile as I have had a lot to think about and was not ready to compose my thoughts and commit them to paper.
     My youngest brother passed away suddenly the same week as the Tree Of life shul massacre. It has been a heartbreaking few months.
     So much of life is unexpected.  Its always like this but we like to forget that it is. I don't know why my youngest brother passed away suddenly. For whatever reason it was his time. I wish that there was something that I could have done to prevent it, but I couldn't . I wish that I could have spent more time with him and now  I can't . I am so grateful to  have known the creative and fun loving person who was my youngest brother . I just wish that it was longer. I know that he knew that we (my whole family) loved him , I just wish that I could tell him so again  and be in his presence again.
      When I first learned of his passing I felt the sunshine of my memories of him in my mind's eye. I remember so clearly that beautiful blue eyed baby with the light brown curls. I remember how much fun we had together as kids and then as adults.
       I know that everyone wishes that they had more time to spend with their loved ones before they pass on . Its profoundly felt when this person passes on when they are still in their prime. All I am left with is the feeling that one really must make the time to spend time with loved ones because one really does not know how long anyone has to spend with them.

Saturday, October 27, 2018


    After Shabbos I turned on my phone and was jilted into the real world . There was a bloody attack in a Conservative shul in Pittsburgh. I felt gut punched reading the news followed by tears. It was the worst anti-semitic attack on a synagogue in the United States ever. Its the kind of record no one ever wants to happen.
    It was done by a white man who came with a lot of artillery. He was on a mission to kill Jews. Whenever I hear people say Jews are white. I say bullshit. When the white supremacists were marching in Charlottesville  they were chanting about not wanting the Jews to replace them.
     This attack happened across the street from the church that the late Fred "Mister" Rogers used to attend. So it was in Mr. Roger's neighborhood. So sad. The only thing that makes the pain a little smaller is knowing that there were inter faith vigils in Pittsburgh and in Union Square in NYC for the victims. People care that this happened and they share our pain . That certainly is something that Mr. Rogers would approve of.
    Praying for a better week. Praying for the families of those who were murdered , for those who were injured , and for peace. Sending love and condolences to the Jewish community  of Pittsburgh. We are all in mourning . 

Sunday, September 30, 2018


     Unfortunately a lot of people that I know have passed away in their prime this year. It really gives those of us left behind time to reflect and make whatever life we all have meaningful as there are those who aren't fortunate enough to be able  to make the most of their lives anymore. Its easy to pontificate, much more difficult to actualize. Nonetheless I will try to appreciate , enjoy and make meaningful the life that I have.
      Have an awesome Shmini Atzeret and Simchat Torah!