Thursday, January 4, 2018

Bomb Cyclone

  My favorite thing in the world as a kid was getting up on a wintery day and then hearing that school was out for the day due to bad weather.  Its just as exciting as an adult to have off of work due to inclement weather. 
   The scariest part about bad weather is not knowing when to call out from work and when to actually go in. Today I opted to stay home. It looks like night outside and the windy snow does not look enticing. I hope the arctic weather forecast for tomorrow is incorrect but I must say I am enjoying the day off of work for today.!!!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

At the Movies

      In the age of roku I haven't watched as many movies in the theater than I used to. Recently I got moviepass which is a movie a day for $9.99 a month, but I actually got the black Friday special so I paid even less. I'm not trying to brag, just make a point . Now I have actually been at the movie theater to see any and every movie I have wanted to see. Its been about a month. Its really mind blowing. Its awesome to see a movie the way it was intended to be viewed-  on a big screen and without interruptions. Its awesome.
       There are people at the movie theater but much fewer. I have been able to see movies the day or week they come out and get a seat. Maybe not the best seat, but a seat. This would never have happened ten years ago. Its surreal. Its not just older people at the movies. There are some young people. I am sure they are more selective about what they go to see. Or maybe they too have moveipass.
        I am certain that the movie business is not happy to be moviepassed but at 15 to 17 dollars for a movie I have become a believer in moviepass . If I see one movie a month its worth it.  I don't know if this deal will last , but for now I am enjoying it . I am feeling very retro going to the movies. Of course now I'm going to the movies more than I ever have.
      Its only been a month and  I know that there really aren't enough movies out to actually see a movie a day for a year, but its fun to know that I could if I wan to....

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Soon By You Episode 5: The Wedding | Soon By You

   This is the fifth episode of the web series SOON BY YOU. As you usual its a mix of kitsch and serious. I think that they hawk their sponsors a bit too obviously. They should do what the old time TV  shows like THE GOLDBERGS used to do. They would do a commercial in character at the beginning of the show and then you could watch the show in peace.
    This episode was good when Ben is shown trying to get Sarah J's attention and when he spoke to the dating coach. Its nice to see the male side of the coin. Sarah J  herself was having a very real moment at her friend's wedding. She was happy for her but reminded of what she is missing. It was something many singles go through.
    Another nice part of the episode was seeing Sarah F's family, especially her Aunt Sylvia. Aunt Sylvia had some of the best lines. This show is about singles, but one always is part of a family even when one is single.
   There were many heartfelt moments in this episode but I wish the kitschy jokes were kept to a minimum . Never the less I am still looking forward to the next episode.....

Monday, September 11, 2017


    It's that time of year again. It's time to remember 9/11. Much time has passed. There are teenagers who are studying for SaTs who were not yet born then.
      I still am brought to tears when I watch clips of the towers being destroyed ,of the people jumping from the buildings, and from the reading of the names.
       I remember those who lost their lives that day and I grieve with all who were left behind. No one truly knows how much beauty the world could have gained had so many not had their lives cut short. It's up to us to continue their legacy since they cannot. We need to let those who are important to us know they are as this is life and there are no dress rehearsals.

Sunday, August 13, 2017


     Whenever I look for a new doctor I always look on zocdoc or heathgrades for online doctor reviews. I used to have some faith in them when there was multiple favorable reviews. Now I am not so trusting in the good reviews.
      Recently I looked on zocdoc for reviews of a physical therapist I once went to briefly who was AWFUL!!!  Misery wants company so I was searching for insulting reviews but instead found glowing reviews. It looked as though he had written the reviews himself.  I do not know how someone who was  so incompetent and  unknowledgeable could have such glowing reviews . It really made me reconsider the validity of GOOD reviews on zocdoc and health grades. If  someone so incompetent and non compassionate could appear so competant it just made me realize how much I have to take the good reviews on these sites with a grain of salt.
    I am so sad to have my trust in online reviews broken. 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Menashe | Official Trailer

    I saw this movie last night at the Angelika. I don't think that I have ever seen so many religious Jews at a movie theater  since the Kingsway on Kingshighway closed.   I would say that a good 75 percent of the audience was  frum.
       After the screening  there was a  q&a with the director Josh Weinstein and the lead actor Menashe Lustig. It was a very special event. Weinstein wrote this movie as a slice of life . He also knew that no matter what there would be a L'ag B'Omer scene. Most of the actors in the film had never been in a film before and had never been to a movie theater to see a film.
        Menashe is a film about a father who does not have custody of his son after his wife dies. His rabbi wants him to be married before allowing his son to live with him . I found it refreshing to see a film where the man is the one who has the custody challenge .
      This movie is slow moving but worth watching until the end. I loved the ending. I will not spoil the movie by giving away the ending. You will have to go see it yourself and then we can discuss it.
        It was nice to see an authentic movie about Hasidim that was not about the typical topics. It wasn't about misogyny toward women or about people going off the derech.  This of course is thanks to a director who wanted to tell a story that was close to the heart of the actors so it would be easier for them to portray. Menashe in real life was widowed and has a child who does not live with him. This film is not his real story, just his real nisayon.
         I think that one can sense that moshiach is on the way when a film like this can be made by non orthodox Jews who have a real respect for observant Jews and feel that their story is worth being told as a universal story. Sure this was filmed in Boro Park with Hasidim, but the fact they they were Hasidic was not the novelty, the father-son bond was. The beauty was how a less observant Jew could see this and want to show it to the world.
     Weinstein was able to sift through the "otherness" of Hasidim and create a universal story. The result is breathtaking. Its a beautiful story worth seeing.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Appreciating the Moment

     Life is so short. Don't save special clothing for special occasions. Wear them as soon as you can  Enjoy them as soon as you can. Its not to be pessimistic, Why not elevate the moment?
Every day is special so why not wear special clothing often instead of once in awhile. Appreciate  the moment.