Monday, August 24, 2015

Kids these Days

     Lately I have been watching a lot of television. More specifically I have been watching a lot of teenage shows. The more I watch them the more I am glad that I grew up in the era I did instead of in this era. Things have changed so much even in the last ten years. Its not like society was so innocent when I grew up, its just that things are a little too open these days. Its so much pressure. Being frum helps but not entirely . The world around us does seep into the little cocoon of the frum world even as much as we would like not to admit it. Even if one does not pay attention to what is on the small screen the people around us do. People you work with probably do, the people who live near you do.
      I don't think that the world is going back to simpler times any time soon. Once Pandora's box has opened it is impossible to close it.  What a mess.


Steve said...

I am curious what shows you have watched? I understand what you mean about change in society. Sometimes we don't recognize it in real life, but it becomes more blatant in TV. Like Modern Family vs. Family Ties or Saved By The Bell vs. Gossip Girl.

Garnel Ironheart said...

TV used to be present the ideal so as to be inspiring as well as entertaining. Then someone figured out the quickest way to high ratings is to aim for the gutter.
Look at the original Battlestar Galactica vs the reboot, for example. In the original the way the humans worked together to overcome the Cylon genocide was amazing, in the reboot you wind up rooting for the Cylons because the humans spend as much time screwing each other over as fighting to survive.

frum single female said...

Steve- I watched Awkward and The Secret Life of The American Teenager. the shows are one thing if one is an adult viewer but when you realize they are targeting teenagers it's jarring. Real life isn't necessarily as out ther as these shows but they do demonstrate how much society has changed.