Monday, November 2, 2015


     I have been in New York for many years and had never been to the Bronx zoo until yesterday. Now that I have an IDNYC (NYC id ) card and am entitled to a one year membership to the Bronx zoo I decided it was high time I visit the Bronx zoo.

    As a kid in the Midwest the zoo was a big highlight of childhood. I went there often with my parents , grandparents, summer camp and school . It was relaxing and fun. Visiting the Bronx zoo yesterday brought back a lot of those memories.
      I think that  the zoo I went to as a child as well as the Bronx zoo had a similarity in construction. The tram was the same , the fast food areas were designed the same. The Bronx zoo seems smaller than the zoo I used to visit as a child, but I can't say for sure. They last time I went to the Midwestern zoo of my childhood I was a child which is more years ago than I would care to admit.
 I am not a pet lover but I do enjoy  seeing the peacefulness of animals in a zoo. I also loved the many photographic opportunities that were available.
     I am glad that the IDNYC  (New York City id card) facilitated my first visit to the Bronx zoo. It brought back so many good memories. I plan on going back soon, especially since I have a free membership for this year.


Anonymous said...

Where in the Midwest did you grow up? Both Milwaukee and Omaha have renowned zoos.

frum single female said...

Not Omaha or Milwaukee. I have been to those cities but not their zoos.