Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Thanksgiving In June

     After five months my shoulder has healed.  Baruch Hashem. I am so grateful on so many levels. As usual after going through a life challenge one learns a lot about a subject one never knew about before and had never wanted to know about before.
     I am grateful for the  emergency room I went to . They are amazing people. They do their jobs and make people who are scared and in much pain feel human and hopeful. I am grateful for my orthopedist for his expertise and for his upbeat personality. I am grateful for my physical therapist who helped me regain the use of my left arm. It was nothing short of miraculous to go from weeks of immobilization to full use of my arm. When one goes through physical therapy it can seem like one is climbing an endless mountain. Fortunately I have reached the top of the mountain. 
     I hope you never break a limb . It is painful in a way you cannot imagine unless you have experienced it. The flip side is now that I have broken a shoulder I realize how truly miraculous healing is.
     Wishing everyone continued good health .

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