Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Three Identical Strangers

   THREE IDENTICAL STRANGERS   is the most wild ride. Its the story of a Jewish adoption agency in the sixties that decided to separate twins and triplets without the knowledge of their adoptive parents.
    I can't imagine finding out at 19 that there are two other people in the world who look exactly like me. It is so interesting to see how the story unfolds. Even though there is tragedy and these boys have to deal with the weight of their story it is still amazing how they found each other despite such great effort to keep them apart. If you ever believed in bashert, this movie has it ins spades. These brothers were destined to be together despite evil forces that conspired to confirm otherwise.
    As I watched this documentary it boggles my mind how a Jewish adoption agency could have done this not as many years after Mengele yemach sh'mo as one would like to imagine.
    I love how the parents , relatives and friends were included in this documentary, especially the aunt with the haunting voice.
     Though so  much of this documentary has been included on you tube it does not cover it all.
 This is  the ultimate nature vs nurture in reality. I highly reccommend it.


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