Monday, May 30, 2022

Voices Of America - Hands Across America (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

I admit that I haven't thought about Hands Across America in decades until today when I watched the Harry Chapin documentary . Harry Chapin was of a time when celebrities actually stood for causes that were real , like world hunger instead of worrying about the what pronoun to use . Apparently he was an activist for preventing world hunger. He was the inspiration for Live Aid and Hands Across America in the mid 1980's. Watching this documentary made me so sad . How could our country have lost its way so much in the the past thirty six years and how can we possibly go back to those more unified days? If they tried doing this now people would not want to hold hands with someone who was not of the same political party or if someone wasn't vaccinated enough. I really have no answers, but I think that sharing my thoughts as well as this video might be a start. Maybe it could wake a few people up.It really was a much better world when people at least attempted to get along.

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