Monday, August 22, 2022


Several years ago I saw the documentary Three Minutes in Poland and read the book by Glenn Kurtz. Three minutes in Poland is a three minute home movie Glenn Kurtz's grandfather took when he and Kurtz's grandmother went on a European vacation in the summer o 1938 . I also have watched various YouTube videos about Kurtz meeting one of the people who was in this three minute film. Now there is a longer film about this home movie. When I heard that there was another documentary about this movie and that the producer and Kurtz would be at the showing for Q& A I quickly bought a ticket. I wasn't sure how much more there was to be added to the story but I was willing to check it out. So often when I see footage like this I feel like it spins so quickly and I am not quite able to take enough of it in. This new documentary makes sure that the viewer is able to take it all in and more. David Kurtz , the man who took this film was not a filmmaker . He had just bought the home movie camera a few weeks before his trip and he brought some color kodachrome film with him. As a result this is one of the few color films of its kind and the only one of its kind of the village of Nasielsk, Poland. What makes this film so beautiful is that you see the joie de vivre of these people. The film captures their personalities. Many of the kids who are filmed act really goofy which as it turns out was rather poignant. There is a woman chiding her daughter. There is what looks like a brother sister having a spat. Everyone seemed excited to see a video camera . There were touching moments between fathers and sons. The film played over so many times that I feel like I got to know these people. I got to see part of a world that was destroyed . There are a lot of unknowns about those in this film but there are also a lot of clues that can be revealed by what is shown . I have always thought that that G-d leaves us answers to so much in this world that can be figured out if one knows how to read the clues one is given. This film leaves more clues than first meets the eye. This documentary as well as the original 3 minutes of footage is a living memorial to the people in this film whose names we may never know . Often people remember faces better than names which is fortunate. These faces won't be forgotten .

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