Sunday, November 5, 2023

Horton Hears A Who.

I have many thoughts and fears aboout the war in Israel. It was such a major shock to hear about it in shul on Shmini Atzeret. It made the yizkor service I participated in a bit more intense . Over the years the progessives have been getting more cozy to the anti Israel crowd .The last major confilict had a lot of protests in Manhattan which were chilling. This time around the casualties from Hamas were like a gut punch. There were even more people siding with Hamas but in the weirdest way. So many young college students are spewing such hatred but I get the feeling they don't really know what is going on they just have been told by the wrong people what side they should be on. They seem relieved they have someone they think they can safely hate. The irony is their hate for America has caused them to be on the side of people who would love to bring their downfall. People who hate the west and aside from hating Jews those they are siding with hate Christians just as much . These useful idiots don't realize they are joining a cause hell bent on ruining their way of life. Being Jewish I have been davening as much as possible. All of this that has been going on is a bit too apocolyptic to me. Its not that I am in complete shock its just that I was really hoping that the state of affairs the world is in now would not have happened . As a Jewish person I feel a lot like my community is whoville and we are waiting for Horton to help save us. Or I guess its just an analogy to wanting Hashem to save us. We have to do the best we can to save ourselves and our society but it feels so big and that only Hashem can truly save us. Despite every fear I have been having lately I am heartend by the brave people who have been exposing the names of the useful idiots who have been ripping down the posters of the kidnapped Israeli civilians. I am heartend by the brave souls who have confronted them . I am heartend by the young man who educates stuedents about how hamas doesn't have American liberal values and some of the kids would realize they aren't as informed as they thougt on this issue. Its bad that they have been indoctrinated but I feel that for many of these people its not too late to save them from the dark side. The truly wonderful thing that I have seen lately is the solidarity and unity of the Jewish people in NYC and arouhd the world . So many inspiring words have been imparted. So much love has been sent to our bretheren in Israel. So many beautiful rallies for Israel with so much emotion and love. So many pulling together in any way they can to help Israel. We Jews love life and I am proud to be part of a people who love life . I pray for peace and a victory for Israel , for the Jewsish people and for all good people all over the world .

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