Monday, February 26, 2024

In Search of Other Reasons...

      When  I was a kid I never understood why  though American society demonized the Nazis  I didn't get the impression they were condemning them because of what they did to the Jews. To me this was the main reason to despise them. As time went by I learned more about the Nazis and found that Jew hatred was not their only evil though still the most heinous to me until this day . I think that this is why when people through around the word Nazi that though an insult , the insult isn't the same as if I would use it as a slur.

       Andrew Cuomo's covid policies put covid patients back in nursing homes but ultimately stopped being governor due to accusations of sexual harassment, not really his biggest sin.

     Claudine Gay stepped down from her position due to accusations of plagerism but not for her belief that words are violence but not when they are words of violence against Jews 

       The world is backwards. I think that a hope for the world to condemn Hamas is to find another reason for them to want to eradicate them than the  wanting  to genocide Jews and destroy the west  and then they will be on our side. The world is so upside down these days.  



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