Saturday, December 18, 2010

the wind

every so often i meet a guy who is as tangible as the wind. he touches my heart with the power of the wind and is just  as difficult to hold onto. let me explain. some guys act like they are here to stay but really aren't. just when i start thinking they will really be there for me they aren't. just like the wind. they think they might want to be with me but really they want to leave me with a chill. they can't be the one because their feelings about me are just as fleeting as the summer breeze. you feel the breeze but you cant touch it. i try not to let the wind fool me, but sometimes its hard not to want to believe that the  smarting tears the wind emotes from my eyes are for someone more visible than kramer's invisible glass coffee table.
i like cold weather, but i have never liked the wind.


Lawyer Dov said...

I like the comparison to the wind. I totally get it and understand where your coming from. I want to apologize on behalf of my gender. Guys can be two faced at times.

Lawyer Dov said...

Feel free to e-mail me if you ever need some chizuk or a guy's point of view. Bloggers have to look after eachother :) Most of us are not as fleeting as the wind, even those of us who wish to stay anonymous.

frum single female said...

thanks for the support lawyer dov.

Devorah said...

I'm so sorry, this post really hurts.
It's a very strong and realistic comparison - and a touching last line.

May you soon meet the guy who will blow you away by his compassion and may you feel connected to each other and stay connected!!

frum single female said...

thank you devorah.