Monday, February 24, 2014

Don't Try This at Home

Ever leave the subway station through this type of exit? I have.I do, almost everyday
The most convenient exit at my subway station has an exit like this. Whenever I exit the station through such an exit I am always careful to let the person in front of me go fully through the turnstile before  I attempt exiting . Apparently everyone is not as considerate. This past Friday after a stressful crowded train ride  I attempted exiting the train station through the turnstile exit. As I am in the exit I realize I am stuck. Some moron decided to go into the space with me. I do not know what would possess anyone to do this right before Shabbos. I almost cried . I could not push myself out because the moron was so heavy and not helping me . Finally she decided to help me and we were able to get out . It really scared me because I can be careful not to go in the turnstile with someone else who is in front of me, but I have no control over someone following me into the turnstile. Please folks, be considerate of others. 

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