Thursday, March 6, 2014

How Much Do You Care?

      Work is always a game of chess where one is always trying to choose the best strategies, It is also where I hone my  drama skills.
     There is a new employee where I work. I took one look at her and knew I did not like her and then realized as much as I did not like her I knew that I had to pretend with all my might  to fake friendliness toward her. Thank goodness that was my instinct. Turns out she is on the paranoid side and thinks people are talking about her when she leaves the room. I barely remember she works in my office when she is in a different room and she thinks everyone is talking about her when she leaves the room .Figures.
      I never think that anyone is talking about me when I am not in the room. When I walk into a room and people stop talking I just figure they are talking about something personal instead of about  moi. But that's just me.If I actually heard my name mentioned I might think differently, but otherwise I'm oblivious. I just don't think that I am the most popular topic of discussion among my co-workers.

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