Sunday, March 9, 2014

Never Tell

     When someone asks you out and you are not interested the best thing to do is say no thanks . Don't say you are dating someone . Don't make excuses. Just say no.
      A while ago a guy seven years younger than I am asked me out. I had zero interest in him. Silly me I thought that the age difference might be an issue for him so I told him my age. Big Mistake. He was still interested and now every time he sees me he asks me "What's seven years? What's seven years?" Crap. I'm not interested in  him AND he knows how old I am. If only I had been honest and just said  "No thanks , I am not interested" life would have been so much simpler.


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Other potential lines:
Sure, but it'll cost ya.
Ever since the leprosy set in I've been really shy.
Only if you do something about the way your eyes are uneven.
No problem. You bring me flowers, I'll bring you listerine!

Anonymous said...

Double Standards in Dating: