Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Machmir at all Cost

      I am a bit disturbed by an article I read in tablet magazine about a charedi man who made a hullabaloo about switching his airplane seat because he was seated next to a woman. Aside from the fact that if this was so important  him he should have flown with enough men to fill a row if that was so important to him I believe their are bigger issues at stake here. Why is it that this seems to be the most important issue to observance? Does this scenario happen really THAT often or is it  so juicy that it gets a lot of air time?  I really would hope the major focus of torah Jews would be to promote ahavas yisroel . Do not poo-poo me. Sinas chinam is why the bais hamikdash was destroyed. Even though some chumrahs seem really important to some more than others I think that being machmir for one's self is ok but when it hurts or bothers others is it really making the mitzvah more mehudar?

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Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Part of it is a numbers game. I've flown out of the Toronto to Tel Aviv and the Chareidim on those flights behave impeccably. But they're also really out numbered whereas on flights out of JFK they make up enough of the passengers to be able to create a fuss.