Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Blurring Women's Faces

     I always feel uncomfortable when I see ads from frum publications that blot out women's faces or exclude women from the pictures altogether. Maybe it is because I am single. Then again I think its just because I am a woman. Most of the time this issue does not bother me because the frum people who I choose to associate do not agree with those who want to blot out women's faces from frum publications.
      The strangest part of all is that I believe that the elimination of pictures of women from ultra-frum publications is counter productive. If there aren't any photos of modest religious women then there will only be photos of less modest and less appropriately dressed women around. Is that really better?
If I were living in an extreme muslim society where women were not in any publications anywhere around me then it would not bother me, but in the United States , even in boro park you can go to the news stand and buy a secular magazine that has pictures of women in it. Instead of taking the opportunity to make a kiddush Hashem and having positive role models of women in print the extreme frum would prefer to eliminate woman altogether from their publications.
 When I saw this ad  recently it really  made me sad. I am orthodox, but not charedi so even if I had a daughter it would be a little easier for me to explain.  Tzniut is important, but I think that the fixation with it in frum society as the reason for all of society's ills is a bit misguided. I think that introspection and a fixation on honesty in business would be a better fixation than focusing on a mitzvah that only pertains to women. Or maybe just take turns focusing on each of the 613 mitzvos in a rotation.  Its like  women  aren't important until its time to blame someone for the ills of society. Its all ridiculous anyway. So often the one who has the loudest voice creating these  illogical chumrahs is just all worked up because this is his biggest yetzer harah.

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