Thursday, March 26, 2015

Lashon Harah

     A high profile celebrity who happens to be Jewish recently wrote an article disparaging Jewish men. Perhaps she even thought is was cutesy and tongue in cheek. Who knows. I won't dignify her words by linking to the article. The article is not the point. The spirit and essence of such an article is important to note. I do not find any of the cutesy insulting stereotypes of Jewish men or Jewish women that I hear in the media cutesy. They do not even remind me of any Jewish person that I know. I don't appreciate how it seems the only way these "cultural Jews" connect to Judaism is by heckling their distorted view of what Jewish people are like. I do not think its ok for Jews to disparage Jews so publicly just because they too are Jewish. Their anti Jewish sentiment is not less anti Jewish just because they are. It would be worse if their words were uttered by goyim but not really . Any way you slice it its lashon harah pure and simple. Why on earth does there need to be more negativity about Jews put out there , especially by "Jews"?

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