Monday, October 19, 2015

Richard Nixon In His Own Words HBO Documentary

     I decided to watch this documentary last night to enhance my nostalgia of the old days . Well, with Nixon as it turns out its the bad old days. This film tells the story of Nixon and Watergate. Well, the first revelation that I wish was not so is how anti-semitic anti-Mexican and definitely not politically correct he was.  It was awful to hear a United States president speak about Jewish people in such an insulting stereotypical way.  The saddest part was that he was the one who recorded his conversations for posterity . Some things are best not documented.
   Another interesting part of the movie was seeing a young John Kerry, Pat Buchanan , Alexander Haig , Barbara Walters and Dan Rather. I hadn't realized how long these folks have been in the public eye.
     If you are the type who think we should go back to the olden days think again. They weren't as good as you imagine they were.

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