Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Shabbos Project

     Kiruv is a wonderful thing but I wish that the Shabbos project was not mostly created to produce orthodox Jews  and more to strengthen every Jew's connection to Shabbos. I was in Kew Gardens Hills this Shabbos and did go to the kabbalat Shabbaos service as well as to the havdallah service that was part of the "Shabbos Project" . I did not sneak in. Every type of Jew was welcome. Re-reading this makes me laugh at the thought of a frum person having to sneak in to kabbalat Shabbos or havdallah.
     I have been frum my whole life but I could you some boosting . Everyone could . I don't think that the unaffiliated Jew  has to be in their own bubble while joining in for a Shabbos program. The proportions do not have to be just so. The truth speaks for itself.
      The excited tone provided in the kiruv professional's outreach needs to be extended to those who are already observing. We still need to be reminded of the beauty and not just the rote rules of observing Shabbos. An "NCSY" style havdallah every so often in a shul can add a feeling of joy in observing the mitzvot. We have to make sure that those who are already observing still feel that excitement the newly observant feels or what a child feels while observing Shabbos and other mitzvos.

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