Sunday, March 13, 2016

Truth is Stranger than Fiction

      The 2016 presidential primaries have been a three ring circus. I am happy to see that someone has been capitalizing on the craze , namely the producers of House of Cards. House of Cards is a series on Netflix about a ruthless couple in politics. The recent season is about a fictionalized 2016 presidential primaries race. There are so many shades of the "real" primaries presented in this series. Some of this is because there is always so much corruption in general. Part of it is  because there is nothing new under the sun. Then again truth is stranger than fiction and the "real" presidential race indeed is strange. Watching House of Cards Season 4 was refreshing because it for once was not as crazy as the current political circus. Hashem help us all.

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Garnel Ironheart said...

Trump is a genius. As a Democratic plant he's causing the GOP to implode. As a reality show contestant he's turned the election into a high school student council plebiscite. They'll sell DVD's of this eventually.