Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Liberalism Gone Wild

      The latest crazy law that has been in the news lately is about letting men who are transgender women into the women's room and even worse, letting boys who think that they are girls into the girls bathroom in public schools. Many states are suing Obama about this issue and they are right. I do not think that there should be any laws about letting transgender women into the women's restroom. The ones one can't tell were originally men are already using the women's room anyway. There does not need to be a law about it. I think that making it a law that any man who thinks he's a woman can use the women's bathroom is a recipe for disaster. I guess this is Obama's answer to extreme feminism. The feelings of men who think that they are women are more important than the safety of those of us who are actually women. I haven't heard of any laws about letting women who think that they are men go into the men's room.   Why doesn't anyone want to sneak into the men's room? And you know what, it does not bother me if a woman who is a transgender man uses the ladies room because they are really women. Obama should have left well enough alone. I don't think a man is a woman just because he wants to be and I don't want to see him in the ladies room. If Obama wants to insist upon all restrooms being one person at a time sized rooms then OK. I think that there could be a men's room , a women's room and then a one person alone at a time restroom for those who think that they are a gender other than the one they were born  to.  I know that there are some who are transgender, but I do not believe that there are so many people who exist like this. I wonder what smoke and mirrors this stupid controversy is distracting the American public from . What is going on in the world that it being messed up by our president that he wants to distract us with this transgender debacle?  Why does he need this to be his swan song ? Or what is he messing up that he does not want us to notice with his fixation on transgender equality for the minuscule part of the population that suffers from it ?

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Garnel Ironheart said...

If a man announces that he thinks he's a dog, starting running around naked and urinates on his neighbour's lawn we lock him up and pump him full of haloperidol.
If he announces that he thinks he's a woman, starts dressing like one and insists on urinating in the women's bathroom we applaud his courage.