Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Breakfast at Tiffany's

     My favorite part of the movie Breakfast At Tiffany's is when Audrey Hepburn says she is always happy when she browses at Tiffany's . Tiffany's is a high end jewelry store on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. I have not been there in years , but it looks really expensive and old money in there.  It  feels cool to be in the presence of such high end jewelry.
       I actually have one item from Tiffany's . Its a gift from a dear friend of mine. Its the Tiffany's heart key chain.  I have lost the little ball on the end that holds the key chain together several times.
 Fortunately I have a friend who also owns one of these key chains who told me that Tiffany's will replace the little detachable ball so long as the heart is still on the key chain.
 The first time I replaced the little ball I felt silly. That was before I got the replacement. It comes in a classic blue Tiffany's light blue felt pouch and a mini light blue box. It almost made me feel happy I had been such a klutz and lost the little ball in the first place. I don't know if they still package the replacement ball so fancy . Its been a few years since I last lost it, but I am fairly certain they still replace it at no charge. This is why  I understand why Audrey Hepburn loved browsing  at Tiffany's. Who could be sad in such a classy store?


Nicolas Wieder said...

somehow saw a post about arthur budick and saw your post on it. Medieval lit and all. I knew him too and I haven't missed Touro in a long time but did for a moment.

frum single female said...

Interesting. Professor Budick was one of a kind. He was so animated when he taught. So sad he passed away.