Monday, August 15, 2016

Looking for Pokemon

      The greatest fad right now is the Pokemon Go app. In case you have been living under a rock lately  , Pokemon Go is a game on smartphones where you look for Pokemon all over the world and you find them and balls to throw at them to catch them  by walking around outside.
      At first I brushed PG off as a mindless silly app until I thought that perhaps I should check it out . As enjoyable as PG is , its  not as addictive as Candy Crush was for me .  The game its self is rather silly but the fun part is finding the "poke" stops .

The entrance of Central Park at  60th and Fifth Avenue
  The game is a tourist's dream. The poke stops are at stores, restauraunts, shuls, yeshivas , churches and landmarks. It makes you take notice of what institutions are around you in a way you may not have known before. It also adds a bit of knowledge about the place and when it was established. So often you walk past a place everyday and you don't realize how special or iconic it is or was.
     The other fun part is watching all of the people at certain choice locations who are looking for pokemons. When I first saw hoards of people standing at the entrance of Central Park on Fifth Avenue I thought that there was an extraordinary boom in tourism this year. Other days it made me think that there was a train outage. When I found out that its a major poke stop for PG I was relieved and intrigued . Of course I had to take pictures.
      The app its self tells people to be careful while looking for poke stops. Now it can tell how fast you are moving and asks you if you are driving a car or if you are a passenger. It needs to be adjusted for New Yorkers though. When I am walking it thinks I am in a car and asks me if I am a passenger. No, PG app, I am WALKING.
      I don't see too many people playing PG in Midwood, but there are a lot of poke stops here. Carlos and Gabby, Ave J Q train station has two, Beit Torah , Wolf and Lamb and  shorashim,  Landau's shul and Pomegranate supermarket are pokemon gyms.
      I think that someone should make a Pokemon single's  event . You would already have your smartphone there to exchange numbers with a special someone.

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