Monday, October 10, 2016

Historic Mayhem

     I only watched the last question of the presidential debate tonight. It is a question that I would not expect to be asked of candidates in an American election. The question being "After all the mud slinging this evening, is there anything nice either of you can say about your opponent? " What a sad state of affairs when we have two candidates for commander in chief of the United States and it has come down to this.  There is a book called  I LEARNED EVERYTHING I NEEDED TO KNOW IN KINDERGARTEN. Well, I think that the future president of the United States needs to read that book stat.
      I admit that I haven't watched a presidential debate since I was in high school and that the only breaking news story that I wasn't pissed about interrupting  a soap opera was the Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill hearings. This is a close second. I would enjoy it more if it really was a soap opera.
      When I am not putting my head in the sand when the November elections are mentioned I think  about how every presidential election since the Gore - Bush election has been bizarre and I wonder in what way the election could be any odder than the current one. Each presidential election over the past 15 years I have thought this and unfortunately each election surpassed my imagination for being more preposterous than the last.
        In November 2001 I went to sleep election night after it was announced that Gore was declared president. When I got up in the morning the newscasters announced that it was still too close to call. Say what? That NEVER had happened before. Okay, I wasn't surprised  that Bush made a second term after stealing the 2000 election.
        In 2008 Obama came out of nowhere and beat Hilary Clinton for the nomination of President . In 2012 he got a second term .
       And that brings us to today. I may have preferred Hilary Clinton as a candidate in 2008, but a lot has happened between now and then. Donald Trump   became the Republican candidate which has made this campaign seem more and more like high school student council elections. Ronald Reagan was an actor, but Donald Trump is a reality tv star. What I would like to know is whose reality is he living ?
         As Yom Kippur is coming closer I think that there has never been more incentive to pray for our future. I ask you Hashem why is it that people always seem to need to have such strong incentive before we realize that the future really is in Your hands? We  need to do our best but  we are not in control, You are.

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