Sunday, January 15, 2017

Multiculturalism at its Best

     I work in an office with a very diverse cultural environment. It is so diverse that all but two of the "white" people are Jewish.
    After many years of working in a culturally diverse environment one learns to be very careful of what one says about racial differences. Or more accurately one NEVER speaks of anything that could be misconstrued as being racist in any way shape or form. One learns that EVERYONE is bigoted about some group and that darker skinned people analyze their skin tone more than any  white person ever could imagine.
     One also learns that most of the affirmative action multicultural casts get it wrong. When working in an office with as many cultures as the United Nations its more of a matter of fact  than an issue . Of course the office I work in is multi-cultural as happenstance , not because they set out to make it so.
     My thoughts on working in a multi-cultural environment? Its quite nice . One gets to learn a lot about other cultures. Those I work with have learned more about Orthodox Judaism than they ever thought they would.
      The thing is America is very multicultural though sometimes it appears to be just white or black. Its really quite a shame. There really are many cultures in the United States though the media seems to focus on their agendas.

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