Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Fragility of Life.

 I haven't posted in awhile.  I wasn't sure that I had wanted to share what has been going on with me . Although I have a blog I am a private person. Alas I opted to share.
  A week and a half ago I fell and broke my shoulder. Some  random people helped me off of the street restoring my faith in mankind.
   Having an injury forces a person to slow down and think about life. Aside from resolving to be a better money saver it made me aware of the fact that aside from  my actual paycheck and insurance I don't miss work AT ALL.  I don't even miss my work friends which actually surprised me . Before the accident I longed to work part time but felt it would be hard financially. Now that this has occurred I know that when I return to work it will be part time for awhile before I am able to resume full time. I don't think that wanting to have a break or work part time is why I fell but I do assume it was meant to be that I have a break from work right now and having a shoulder injury was the way it was made to happen.
     Being out of work also helped me realize though its easy to spend too much , its also painless to be thrifty ,
     Though I enjoy living alone, I see how having a roommate could be helpful in this situation.        
    With Hashem's help I will be back to my old self sooner than later. Meanwhile I am catching up on my netflix queue.

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