Sunday, January 19, 2020

Exclusive: Rep. Ayanna Pressley Reveals Beautiful Bald Head and Talks Al...

   On Thursday Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley decided to reveal that she has alopecia and then reveals her bald head for all to see. While I think that it was very brave of her to share this I find how she presented it quite curious. She feels that its dishonest not to reveal her bald head since she has been using her ethnically black hair styles to make her more help forge a bond with voters. Hmmm. So now she wants to reveal her bald head because after all bald is beautiful. Hmmm. Well isn't she kind of ignoring the elephant in the room? Instead of being a public service announcement for alopecia she has announced she has alopecia because she feels dishonest. Her hair is really a wig and to her that makes her less relateable to other blacks as a congresswoman. Wow. She really is putting her head in the sand.
   Alopecia is stress related and it is more rare to get alopecia totalis as Pressley has. It seems being a congresswoman is really getting to her and her body can' t seem to hide it so she got alopecia.
I feel bad for her but she is clueless. Alopecia is there to tell her to slow down. . A lot of women are going through this these days. Why not advocate slowing down  and listening to the signs one's body is giving them?  While its good not to beat ones self up over things like this its also not really  a bald is beautiful moment. Is Pressley really that unevolved ?
   As an alopecia sufferer I think that Pressley's reveal is a ploy at self promotion when it really could have been a wonderful way to raise awareness of the way alopecia affect a person's life. She just made it a political fashion statement. Good grief.  I'm unimpressed and I have alopecia .areatta.

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