Thursday, February 25, 2021


Purim is one of my most favorite holidays. Even with the isolation of the pandemic I am still feeling the impending joyousness of the upcoming holiday. The beginning of this horribel plandemic started right before Purim last year which was before the mask edict was invoked. We have been wearing masks since right before Pesach. I for one do not plan on wearing a mask any longer than necessary. Masks have made NYC into a colder society than it was to begin with. No smiles indoors. Its harder to hear what people are saying and more importantly its harder for others to hear me. Sometimes it feels easier not to speak to people because its hard to hear them and its hard for them to hear me if both of us are wearing masks. I think that masks create division. Masks on Purim can be fun , but many Purim masks do not cover one's mouth. Eyes are the mirror of the soul but its a lot easier to hear what people are saying if one can see someone's mouth while they are speaking. I am hoping soon the masks will be removed and peace and harmony will return.... One can only hope... Happy Purim!!

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