Monday, March 1, 2021

The Vaccine

In many generations there have been global health crises and there has in the past been widespread vaccines for them. Sometimes the vaccines and treatments remained safe throughout time, sometimes they have not. In life there are no guarantees, one just has to make an eduacated decision for one's self. With Covid-19 there are already at least 3 vaccines available and many other therapeutic treatments. So much propaganda has been released that one does not really know which is the right thing to do. In reality Covid-19 is a nursing home disease and does not really severely impact younger people . Eventually the Covid-19 will be like the flu shot even though currently it it has been hyped up to bubanic plaque status. There have been a lot of conspirisies about the vaccine which I find extremely facinating. The government does not seem organized enough to carry out the intricate nefarious schemes they are churning. I do think that someone would like to carry these schemes out I just think those in charge are buffoons so we are all safe.

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