Monday, December 29, 2008


ive been tagged to do a meme. im not sure exactly what it means, but ill do my best.
the rules are to turn to page 56 of the nearest book and include the 5th sentence and then write down the 2nd to 5th sentence . and of course tag others to do the same.
the book i chose is the book of dahlia by elisa albert. here goes:
"danny found his calling in comforting and entertaining his baby sister. it got so that dahlia couldnt be put down for a nap or bathed or comforted after a boo-boo unless it was by danny. bruce and margalit watched incredulously as their total #*&%* of a little boy morphed into his sisters adoring caretaker. danny would play dolls with dahlia for hours on end. he read to her, he made up private preverbal jokes with her, rushed home from school to hang out with her."
by the way, im only up to page 55 .
the rules are to next state 7 facts about myself and then tag others and link them . and to leave a comment on their blog saying they've been tagged.
fact 1. i have verrry curly hair.
fact 2. i chose the name frum single female to be kind of like single white female, nicejewishgirl or maidel ,if you catch my drift.
fact 3. im a very creative person. i enjoy crocheting, photography and writing ( well i guess you know that one)
fact 4. im one of the many who have been a shabbos counselor at bais ezra . bais ezra is a group home for mentally retarded jewish women in boro park, brooklyn.
fact 5. my favorite colors are pink and purple.
fact 6. though i do own a cell phone, i hate being out on the town with friends who answer their cellphones and have long chats with others that are not urgent calls.
fact 7. i love reading silly magazines like allure, self , glamour. im not a reader of vogue or cosmopolitan.
and there you have it. i was tagged by mikeinmidwood, and dys. ill link to fruminsouthflorida, webgirl, katrina, onefrumskeptic , lubabnomore ,smoo, levadi


Mikeinmidwood said...

If you worked there than you might know the correct term is "Differently abled". Nice MEME.

frum single female said...

i worked their alright. actually, at the time we called the women who lived in the group home "the clients". i guess developmentally disabled would be the most proper term for them.

frum single female said...

after writing this post and mentioning nice jewish girl, i clicked on my link and found that she just recently posted after not posting for 2yrs. karma!

The Babysitter said...

That sounds like a good book.

Perhaps we know some of the same people. I know a million people who worked at Bais Ezra. Good for you!

and that's really cool about nice Jewish girl posting now after 2 years.