Thursday, April 3, 2014


     I live in a very frum apartment building. Some of my single friends find the thought daunting.They think if they lived in a frum apartment building they would be living with the yenta patrol. I can't say that it doesn't exist  but for the most part people are minding their own business or not looking past their own noses which is almost the same thing.
     I enjoy the security of living in a frum building. Sometimes it feels like a dorm for adults. The crazy part is that since the landlords are pretty  frum  I am almost  surprised that they let single men rent apartments on the same floors single women rent apartments. Oops. I should not even be writing this. I might give a rabbi with too much free time the idea for another chumrah to impose. My floor is super frum .There are apartments with families or there are apartments with just single women.

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