Sunday, April 6, 2014

Far Away

     When someone lives in the same town as their parents one can visit them more often which may or may not be a plus . The other thing is that one can just visit for a few hours and then go home and still be yotzay. I am one of those who live far from my family and when I go to visit the visits are of the marathon variety. Even when I have gone for a long weekend it still can seem like a long visit . Don't get me wrong, I love my family , but there is a reason people grow up and move out on their own. Its so we continue to love our families.
      Then again , when one lives far away from one's parents and siblings you miss out on the day to day happenings. You can talk on the phone often or even daily but its not the same as living closer geographically. There is always skype and facetime but that's only useful  if you have a relative who has embraced technology.
      I know that living in a different city than my family does has been the right thing for me. I do not know if it will always be the right thing but presently it is. Visiting one's family always puts life's decisions  in perspective. Sometimes you miss being closer by because one misses being a kid and not because you really want to be closer by all of the time.

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