Friday, April 18, 2014

On Being Present

      Ever have a day off of work and all you can think about is office politics and about how there is so little time to do errands? Do you spend Sunday evenings dreading going back to work on Monday? Thankfully this does not describe myself but sometimes it can be challenging to be fully in the moment. Even when this can be a challenge  it does help to even just try to put concerns on the back burner and try to be in the moment.
        To be present is kind of like taking a good picture. You look in the frame and disregard everything else that you rationally are aware surrounds the frame. The only way a photo can be fully created is if you only regard what is in that box. There will be plenty of other time to think outside the box.
          If you really want to enjoy downtime one needs to designate chunks of time to focus on the serious stuff as well as chunks of time to focus on friends, family , hobbies and relaxation instead of jumbling it all together and never being able to do any of them well.

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