Monday, July 21, 2014


      At the risk of sounding blasphemous and with no disrespect for what is going on in Israel and the world over, I will present a problem that I am having . I am so overwhelmed by it all. I was doing okay until I heard of local threats of anti-semitism. That sort of threw me off the edge. Its not that the thought had not crossed my mind but until one sees mention of it in print (on facebook no less) it seems only abstract. I feel like I need to curb my obsessive checking of facebook for updates on Israel. I do not mean to ignore anything, but just to be a little less consumed by it. I realize this sounds cold since our brethren in Israel are always thinking about it, but I'm sure even they need to have other thoughts in their minds.
      Life is full of unknowns  even in more mellow times. I am not one who deals well with uncertainty. I realize that most of life is unexpected as we are not in control of our destinies. This is so hard to internalize. I suppose now is as good a time as ever to work on this issue . Perhaps it will help give me the peace of mind I am searching for.

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Princess Lea said...

My post tomorrow will be addressing that, the difference between choice and control. We can talk and repost about how unfair public perception is, but really, this is Jews talking to Jews. Who are we convincing there?

I also feel as though I am being callous, but the fact is I can only choose to be the best possible person I can, and try harder. Reposting blurbs won't change anything.