Friday, July 4, 2014


     The movie Ida was one of the selections at the Jewish film festival this year. I was not able to see it during the festival due to scheduling conflicts on my part. Recently I walked by Lincoln Plaza Cinemas in Manhattan who were showing the movie and read the review they posted on a billboard outside the theater. The review made it sound like an incredibly boring film. A few weeks later my co-worker said she saw it and recommended it to me. I eventually did see the film.I can't say that I recommend it. The cinematography is breathtaking. Though a recent film it looks like it was filmed in the 1960's. The acting was good, but the film was VERY slow moving. Had I been watching the film at home I would not have finished it.
       Ida was about to take her vows as a nun when she is finally informed that she is really Jewish and that her name is really Ida Lebenstein. She was hidden in the convent during World War II. Though this may be a spoiler, I found the ending to the film rather unsatisfying. Unless you are into slow moving, artsy , foreign films skip it.


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