Friday, July 11, 2014

Oseh Shalom Bimromav.....

    Usually the gentiles at work do not really speak about middle east politics. This week was different. One of my co-worker's children was in Israel for  a  Birthright Israel trip and was due to return last night  (he did)
so everybody was looking online and actually had an interest. It is always frustrating when middle east politics are discussed at work because they don't have my perspective as a Jew and I don't always have patience for what they have to say. Many have no clue why anyone would want to visit a country like Israel where war on its shores can be a possibility. They do not understand the Arab Israeli conflict and it can be hard to explain. They do not understand the strong answer  to the Holocaust that Israel is.
     I admit that I am not sure that I want to move to Israel, although I have not completely ruled it out either. I do want to spend time there again. It is a very special place and a very special place to be Jewish, The holidays come alive there. The chumash comes alive there.
      I pray that the war in Israel will stop soon and that peace will prevail.

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