Sunday, August 31, 2014


      Another birthday is here. Ugh. I am happy to have another birthday, but I always find them to be a time of intense introspection.  This year is a big birthday. No I am not sharing with you the number so don't bother asking. Then again every birthday for the past few years has seemed like a big one. I had hoped I would have accomplished more of my dreams by this birthday, but alas I have not. I suppose that everyone feels that way around their birthdays. Then again, there are a lot of wonderful things that I do have in my life. I have good friends and family . I have been writing a blog since January 2008, which is something not many can say :). As a kid I had always wanted to be a published writer, which I am via this blog.
      I have heard people say that its better not to have expectations of life because then one won't be disappointed, but I am not sure that that is the best way to live. If one does not have any aspirations one may never be disappointed, but one also may never feel gratified that one has achieved any goals. I think its good to have things to look forward to . One may not ever have all one wishes for , but I think that hope is a good thing.
     I am looking forward to a fulfilling year ahead and I am grateful to be celebrating another birthday.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! You must get a three-day weekend almost every birthday. Enjoy that gift and whatever else the year may bring.

frum single female said...


Mr. Cohen said...

If it is a "big birthday" then it must end in a 0. You seem too old to be 20 and too young to be 40, so it must be 30.