Monday, August 18, 2014


     I will admit that I do not always go to rallies. I hate crowds. But today I decided to go to the tail end of a pro-Israel rally that was held in union square. When I got there an Israeli man was singing Hebrew songs and people were fervently dancing . It was quite intense. It was heartwarming to see people have such zeal. There was a nice mix of young and old as well as quite a few gentiles. I heard Pamela Geller , an anti- radical Islam activist speak and I was there for the final Hatikvah. 
     Singing Hatikvah at the end of this rally was most poignant. The world is a mess and we sang the national anthem of Israel whose title means hope. If that is not powerful I do not know what is. 
     I am not really sure what a rally accomplishes, but I do know what this one has given me. It was nice to see a large group of people that I have never seen before supporting Israel. 

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