Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Mighty Escalator

         New York City is such and old place. I never forget my first trip to Macy's in Herald Square . I will never forget noticing the presence of escalators from another era. I do not know if those escalators were even around in the 1950's when my parents were growing up. Over the years they have renovated Macy's many times. No matter how big the overhaul those old escalators have remained.
        This week on an outing to Macy's Herald Square I noticed that there are a few new fangled escalators in the newer balcony section. Otherwise the vintage escalators have remained.
          I would say it feels comforting to still see the vintage escalators, but if I said that I would be lying. Those escalators are from a bygone era before I was born. The escalators are more fun in the vain of the vintage trains that sometimes run during December.  It feels so odd that so much  past architecture has left us, but the mighty escalator remains.
      I wonder what unjustified architecture will be around in another 60 years for the next generation to ponder.

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