Monday, November 24, 2014

Getting Back To Basics

     I found the attack in Israel less than a week ago to be very disturbing . I am so happy that I haven't read about any of the evangelists "reasons" for why this attack happened. I have only heard requests for unity and peace among Jewish people and requests for people to reflect and appreciate their families. I have heard requests for us to  appreciate the lives we all do have. Finally.We are finally getting back to basics. We are concentrating on ahavas yisroel.  I think that this is because this attack happened in Har Nof which is home to the women's  kiruv yeshiva Neve  Yerushalayim. Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg z"tl  was the husband of Briana Goldberg, the front desk receptionist at Neve Yerushalayim. Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky  z"tl, was the husband of the former receptionist Yaakova Kupinsky. Rabbi Kalman Levine z"tl was the husband of a Neve alumna , Chaya Levine.
      From what I have gleaned online about the rabbis who were so brutally and tragically taken from us is  that they were dedicated to doing mitzvot and to helping others. They did not hide in ivory towers with their Judaism . They helped others grow in Torah and reach their potentials. They lived "the Shabbos Project"'s ideals. Coincidentally (or not) the shabbos project's shabbos was just a few short weeks ago.
      To mekarev someone to Judaism one needs to teach someone the intricacies of halacha without neglecting to include and implement good midos and ahavas yisroel.
      We need to continue the work of those who are no longer able to lead us. We must do it out of our love for others and out of our desire for them to experience how rich a life of Torah is. Okay, maybe I am sounding a bit evangelical, but I think this is the message to be learned.



Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

You're young and optimistic.
One of the Satmar Rebbes already came out with a "I told you so" speech and the reason you haven't heard other Chareidi leaders doing so is because it happened to them so they can't says "It's because they didn't keep Shabbos" or some such.
The calls for Ahavas Yisrael are just that: calls. The yeshivos will still teach that "the other" is evil, people will still be judged by the hat they wear (or don't) and nothing will change.

Shpitz in the City said...

I love your optimism. Great post :)

frum single female said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Mighty Garnel Ironheart
I'm truly hurt that you feel this way bc such hurt doesn't come from nowhere.
I am a daughter of R'Avraham Shmuel Gold6berg z'l, one of the murdered. My Father was a man who abhorred elitism, who didnt care what stripe or colour anyone was (although he had a very strong derech in life), if someone was a good person, they were 'good', no matter whether there was a kippa or not, and if they were arrogant or nasty, it also didn't matter if they were black hatted or non shomer shabbos, to him a human was a human. Therefore to hear such hurt, against the frum community is hurtful, bc i guess ive been sheltered by real honest good people.
But, please believe me, all the talk i hear and from what people tell me...people are really trying this time, really really trying. Enough of the hate, enougb enough. Its truly baseless and ive never understood it. If one is happy where one is in life, why hate????
Like i mentioned, im sorry you feel this way, but maybe, even through the hurt, you can try and forgive, try to love those who you feel hate so much. And if anyone decides 'why' this happened they are fools...we have no prophecy nowadays, each person has to look inwards, its abhorrent to blame it on someone or something, let us all just strive upwards.



P.s. i hope i havent sounded superior??? Im running on exhaustion and tears, please forgive if it sounds to you as derogatory.

frum single female said...

Dear Rivka ,
I am so sorry for your loss. What happened was so tragic, words cannot express my sadness.