Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Kansas City Connection

Friends remember KC native killed in Jerusalem attack | Local News - KMBC Home
      Earlier this year there was an anti-semitic attack in Kansas City. Last week there was a terrorist attack in Jerusalem . One of those murdered was Rabbi Kalman Levine who grew up in Kansas City. Rabbi Moshe Twersky , another of the rabbis who was killed in the massacre has a nephew who currently lives in Kansas City. A few years ago I attended a friend's son's bar mitzvah in Kansas City. Many looked at me quizzically. They did not believe that there are Jews in Kansas City. Well guess what folks? There are Jews in Kansas City and the Jews of Kansas City are making their selves heard. I am hoping next time we will hear about amazing positive events occurring due to Jews in Kansas City and with Jews who grew up in Kansas City.
     I have visited Kansas City twice in my life. I would like to say that the Jewish community of Kansas City is one of the kindest communities in the world.

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