Sunday, June 21, 2015


     As a child I watched Sesame Street . It was and is quite a favorite. There was one Muppet skit that at the time I did not understand. There was a lost little boy Muppet who described his mother as the most beautiful woman in the world. The policemen searched far and wide for the little boy's mother. When they found his mother she turned out to be a hunched over average looking woman.
      Children do not care how fancy their parents look , They just want to spend time with them. The greatest babysitter could take them amazing places and they would still prefer to go there with their parent. This should be obvious to any of us who have been children (which is all of us ) but sadly it isn't . Some people are so narcissistic that they may not realize this until they have children . Or ever. I have a friend who did not realize this until she had children. Thank goodness she has children and tries to be a good parent , otherwise the depths of her narcissism would be endless.
        There are a lot of lessons that life presents us  if only we would take notice.

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