Monday, June 8, 2015

That Aging Thing

      I got  my first grey hair years ago. I remember when that was . My uncle had passed away and I was at my aunt's house where she was sitting shiva. My sister spotted it. My only reaction was to pull it out. The old wives tale is that if you pull out a grey hair two will grow back in its place. Well as most things go in life there is no predicting how fast one's hair will turn snow colored. Everyone is different.  I have pulled out many grey hairs since that first one and almost all of my hair is still brown. The browns are still winning the war.
     Just the thought of wrinkles is chilling and arthritis pain can be paralyzing. On the other hand , aging is something we should all look forward to because that means we are doing just that. WE ARE AGING. Because the alternative , is not preferable. Aging means we are living. There is no reason not to want look and be as youthful as possible we just should not forget that aging is a good thing.

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