Monday, September 7, 2015


      You really don't know someone until you piss them off. Some people have acceptable anger ratings and others are off the charts. When I'm dating someone I don't go out of my way to get them angry but I don't mind when they do because then I get to find out what they are like when they get angry.


Steve said...

It seems like it should be rather difficult to piss someone off in a new relationship. If he wants the relationship to grow he should try to keep his cool with you no matter what. I do not enjoy it when someone is super late for a meeting, but I would never get angry about it. As Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey would say: "Anger shows ill breeding."

frum single female said...

I am not looking for someone who is easy to anger, which I suppose is the point. When something aggravating occurs how does he react?? Unfortunately not everyone is cool as a cucumber.